FPV Drone Racing

FPV Drone Racing is a server only feature.

How to Build a Track

  1. Place a Target Block down to enter building mode.
  2. Hold a stick in your right hand and right click gates to register them. You must right click the interior face of the gate, similar to how you would light a nether ortal with flint & steel.
  3. When you are done selecting gates, use /race setName to give the track a name.
  4. Right click the target block with the stick to complete the track.

Video: Building an FPV Drone Racing Track in Minecraft FPV

How to Race a Track

  1. Right click a registered target block with an empty right hand to enter race mode.
  2. Waypoints will appear to show you the way.
  3. The lap timer starts when you enter the first gate.
  4. A lap is recorded when you reach the first game again.
  5. The leaderboards for the track appear in the top-right corner of the screen.

Video: FPV Drone Racing with Gate Waypoints in Minecraft

Server Commands