Getting Started

What is Minecraft FPV?

  • Minecraft FPV is a mod that allows you to fly around like an FPV drone.
  • It works with keyboard + mouse, gamepads, and radios.
  • It's free! The official place to download it is from curseforge.
  • We have a community and server for flying together with other people.

This guide will show you how to install Forge, the mod, optifine and shaders.


You will need to install Forge and then the mod. In addition, if you want shaders, you will have to install those too.

Installing Forge

There are many tutorials which showing how to install Forge. I recommend this video:

How To Download & Install Forge in Minecraft 1.16.4

Installing the Minecraft FPV Mod

  1. Once Forge is installed, you can now install the mod.
  2. Download the latest version of the mod from curseforge. You will receive a .jar file.
  3. Follow the video tutorial below which shows where to put the .jar file.

    How To Download & Install Mods for Minecraft PC (1.16.4)

*Videos provided by "The Breakdown". "The Breakdown" is not affiliated with Minecraft FPV in any way.
Controller Setup